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Witch Country Handmade Gifts

I live in the Pendle area of Lancashire, a place steeped in folklore about Pendle Hill and the infamous 'witches' who lived here in times gone by.

These stories are a source of fascination for both locals and visitors to the area, so I thought I’d have a little dabble in some ‘witch craft’ of my own!



Witch with pentangle £25.00

Cat on a Broomstick -

Want to see a little fur flying!!?

Here's just what you need 4" (100mm) wide£15.00                   

Witch on Broomstick The  glass used to make the black witch and cat to the right has an iridised coating which causes a rainbow effect  when caught by the light - very attractive        

9"x 9" (230x230mm) £22.00

Witch with cat on Stand £15.00 (100x70mm)

Witches with heels and  handbag - Never fly without them! 9"x9" £25.00  

   Pendle Hill panel £150 3oomm diameter



 Witch- Shiny green glass with Red Accessories      9x9" (230x230mm) £25.00

This witch's cauldron is made with

 a base to hold a T/Light candle, 

to give that authentic 'brewing' glow!

5" x 3" (130x75mm) £12.00

     Red Witch with Beaded hair £25.00

Ginger Tom with glitter socks!





Lancashire + Yorkshire Rose 3"x 3" (75x75mm)£20


 Cauldron keyring1"(25mm) Bat Keyring 2"(50 £6.99   The  black glass used for the bat and cauldron keyrings is iridised (similar effect to oil on water caught by the light)


Clogs 5x4"(130x100mm)  £15.00

These lovely decorative glass clogs reflect the heritage of my native Wigan area.  They can be made in many colours

Many colours to choose from £15








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